Lifting the Lou’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is to see the entire city of St. Louis become one big, integrated “Island of Prosperity”.
We welcome you to join us to make that BHAG into a reality.

Safe and Vibrant

Every St. Louis neighborhood is safe to live in and vibrant in that it has viable/usable housing options and the local services residents need (grocery, medical, banking, and other businesses) to live there.

Every Child

Every child has access to good education from K through 12 and is adequately educated and equipped to fully participate in our 21st-century economy when they graduate high school (either through going on to college or entering a trade).

the Unhoused

All of our unhoused/homeless have access to housing and an opportunity to get back into the workforce.

2nd Chances to Men
in the Justice System

Adult men who are or have been involved with the justice system have access to programs that allow them to choose a new non-criminal path and empowerment options to support them in staying on their new non-criminal path.