The Cortex and the Grove are booming, creating much needed “Islands of Prosperity” in St. Louis.

This is excellent progress for St. Louis. Unfortunately, people in many other areas of St. Louis are still mired in poverty and all the problems associated with it, and are eagerly waiting for their opportunity to experience the benefits prosperity brings.

Fortunately, there are many community minded organizations working to change this dynamic and create more prosperity throughout St. Louis. Some examples of these organizations include charter schools Lift for Life Academy and North Side Community School, and Mission St. Louis — an organization helping lift St. Louisans out of poverty and into self sufficiency through education and jobs.

Lifting the Lou was formed to help these organizations, and others like them, in their effort to eradicate poverty and create prosperity in other areas of St. Louis. As its first initiative, Lifting the Lou is presenting a series of public entertainment oriented events to:

  1. Raise funds for a select group of charities who are focused on creating prosperity in St. Louis

  2. Expose those who attend these events to the charities with the hope that they might be inspired to get involved.