Lifting the Lou has a dedicated Board of Advisors that make it a personal goal to advance the mission of Lifting the Lou to see the entire city of St. Louis become one big, integrated “Island of Prosperity”.

Dan Dorsey

Human-Centered Visual Designer

Daniel has been involved in some aspect of visual arts for the last 20 years, from ceramics to film, from sketching in a notebook to using sketch on a MacBook He has twin 15-year-old daughters who are AMAZING. He is a south St. Louis city dweller, enjoys live music, collecting vinyl, getting tattoos, and working on old cars outside of work.

Prior to working with 1904labs, Daniel has worked with many of the largest fitness companies in the US while working for a local gym management software company and, for the last 6 months, he has been working for a premade meal company in a cave... NO joke an actual cave, like as in underground…but he is really excited to crawl out of the darkness of the subterranean warehouse and join the team at 1904labs and start working!

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